Will never stop serving.

Below is a short list of companies Timofey has worked with.

ad design

web design/engineering (autoplat), banding, ad design



web engineering

print, marketing

web engineering, research


web engineering

print, graphics


web design/engineering (autoplat)




marketing, graphics



Will never stop winning.

Timofey first made a stir in the TV industry by reengineering an existing online TV
framework into a glamorous, double award-winning User Experience.

Will never stop innovating.

Timofey authored a revolutionary enterprise-level website framework, Autoplat,
which powers a number of high-demand, corporate projects.

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  • Web Engineering

    Websites are built on Drupal CMF, which powers sites like White House, Twitter and about 5% of the Fortune 500 companies. Further provisioned with Autoplat, the websites sport a compelling, enterprise-level setup.

  • Web Front-end

    The front-end setup is built on an industry-leading, responsive framework, Bourbon Neat. Primary focusing on SEO optimized layout, site integrates semantic styling and schema for rich output to search engines.

  • Web Design

    Prior to running through 60-70 design drafts, each project undergoes a comprehensive evaluation of existing site traffic, compressed into flowcharts, UI diagrams and is put through test phases, which helps get the most of each design.

  • Branding

    Brand is the face of your company, and representation of who you are. That's why Timofey works to build the entire image, including color maps, brand guidelines, stationary designs and of course the logo itself.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing services first began from the cries of our own products. We work to expand products by natural means, utilizing social networks and search engines, and build revenue by connecting producers with advertisers.

  • Consultation

    We are an open book. If you are in need of advice or an opinion in our fields, we'd love to share them with you. If you're in the Seattle area or would like to seek out consultation in other, reasonable areas, give us a call.

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Case study.

Successful results don't come by chance, they're the outcome of hard, unseen work.
See behind the scenes work for Advanced Hair Restoration.

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Timofey's brands.

Timofey's offering is fueled by the experience and quest in own products.

Who's Timofey?

It's not often that people tell you who you should be, but this was the story here. It was Timofey Drozhzhin’s first job experience, which unexpectedly landed him a chair of the head Director of Marketing. Powered by success, Timofey's passion for marketing took flight.

In 2008, with the wake of YouTube, Timofey entered into the online television industry, working with the freshly founded Kaltura CE, collaborating with developers from Wikipedia and ABC News. Timofey soon established a leading internet-powered television service in Russia, powering over 800 organizations.

In 2011, Timofey set out with a goal of simplifying the process of building large-scale websites, as a result releasing Autoplat. Currently in version 4, Autoplat is becoming the backbone of choice by medium-large size businesses, allowing to automate a large fraction of the website production and upkeep complex processes.

In 2012, Timofey, in collaboration with Microsoft Bing, Papa Johns and others, was responsible for carrying out an important research project in a multi-billion dollar blogging industry.