Will never stop serving.

Below is a short list of companies Timofey has worked with.

ad design

web design/engineering (autoplat), banding, ad design



web engineering

print, marketing

web engineering, research


web engineering

print, graphics


web design/engineering (autoplat)




marketing, graphics



Will never stop winning.

Timofey first made a stir in the TV industry by reengineering an existing online TV
framework into a glamorous, double award-winning User Experience.

Will never stop innovating.

Timofey authored a revolutionary enterprise-level website framework, Autoplat,
which powers a number of high-demand, corporate projects.

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Case study.

Successful results don't come by chance, they're the outcome of hard, unseen work.
See behind the scenes work for Advanced Hair Restoration.

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Timofey's brands.

Timofey's offering is fueled by the experience and quest in own products.

Who's Timofey?

Timofey Drozhzhin is just one man with a big passion. Sometimes he works alone, other times it's with a group of other passionate individuals.

In 2008, with the wake of YouTube, Timofey entered into the online video industry, working with the freshly founded Kaltura CE, collaborating with developers from Wikipedia and ABC News. Timofey soon established a leading internet-powered television service in Russia, powering over 800 organizations.

In 2011, Timofey set out with a goal of simplifying the process of building large-scale websites, as a result releasing Autoplat. Autoplat became the backbone of choice by medium-large size businesses, allowing automation to take charge of the complex web management processes.

In 2016, Timofey helped build a valuable network of software developers in Ukraine, organizing a US-Ukraine collab, allowing a cost-effective software solution for a number of US-based businesses.