Case Study

Successful results don't come by chance, they're the outcome of hard, unseen work.
Here's the process of work done for Advanced Hair Restoration.

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Website Development

Market Analysis & Planning

Timofey gathered over 200 pages of inside data in Marketing Analysis, carefully putting together an aggressive website strategy.

User Experience

Using the insights of the Marketing Analysis and customer feedback, Timofey was able to generate a compelling website structure, designed to make the most of each visitor.


With over 70 revisions and continuous client feedback, Timofey produced a unique, breathtaking design, while including the key functions designed to maximize website usability.


Designed as mobile-first and infused with the rich Autoplat functionality, the website was rich in functionality, secure and optimized for traffic.

Final Product

The final website boasted a custom-built 3D Slider, one-of-a-kind responsive content editor and rich experience across all devises. Best of all, the website design was made to expand with content, allowing for limitless possibilites.

Branding Design

Branding Guidelines

Color swatches, shades, spacing, typography and more, Branding Guidelines were drafted to keep a uniform look across all company experiences.